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Residencia Conde de Itu / Contemporary and Healthy House Decorating Ideas

Sofa Inside Living Room Near Low Table
Home is the best place to express creativity, such as this contemporary house which is decorated with indoor plant in Sao Paulo. Residencia Conde de Itu was completed in 2010, this house is not really wide and large in size but has wide decoration. It can be seen on the interior room which is divided in some concepts and...

DLW House by Westphal + Kosciuk / Tricky Contemporary House in Steep Terrain

Beautiful Exterior Design Of Contemporary DLW Residence Stand On Sloping Site Near Large Garage Door Under Suspended Terrace
Building a contemporary house in a very steep terrain would be very tricky. Nonetheless, the Westphal + Kosciuk Arquitetura nailed the challenge well. They managed to build a beautiful modern house which is located on the slope. The room arrangement is suited to the challenging terrain, creating various different elevation inside the house’s architecture. DLW House is located in the...

Sunny Side House | Wallflower Architecture + Design Smooth Contemporary House Design Concept by

Grey Colored Floor Which Is Made From Concrete Material
In this article, we will talk about a very nice contemporary house design with wooden shutter windows that were created in Serangoon, Singapore. The creator who was named Wallflower Architecture + Design called this project as the Sunny Side House. Contemporary air goes everywhere. Geometric shape of the building is combined with lots of transparent windows application. Modern city...

Villa Wiese / House Design Completing Our Beautiful Life

Decoration Completed Among Green Landscapings as Inspiration
Beautiful life means having all of what we want; probably it is a simple meaning, but having contemporary house design such as beautiful life. An amazing house in Berlin, Germany is an interesting house with the elegant structure. This house is using the synthetic HI-MACS and the materials; developed by LG. Cubicle structure of this building is really interesting. Some walls in...


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