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Beach House CN / Starched Beach Home by Longhi Architects

Home under That Orange Also Steel Color Giving Nice under Decoration
Comfortable beach home with many facilities including glass table tops inside are very delightful for those who want to have fun and happy every day. The maximum decoration creates maximum look and appearance and Longhi Architects exposed it successfully. Enjoyable environments are spoiling the owner and make them comfort to live here. Comfortable home does not have to be...

Punta brava 2 Residence / Stylish Spanish Home Interior by DNA Barcelona Architects

Punta Brava 2 Residence
Imagine a comfortable home like this Spanish home that install pendant lamp and provide beautiful scenery and tranquil feel are fun and interesting. Comfortable atmosphere is much needed by the homeowner because it is the main entertainment every day and every time. Pleasant and quiet that comes from the natural environment is different from the artificial environment. That’s make...


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