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How to Apply Colorful Rugs for Bedroom Properly

Electic bedroom interior design with colorful rug
Applying colorful rugs for bedroom sounds interesting, doesn’t it? but it can turn into a disaster if it doesn’t fit the bedroom design and condition well. Colorful stuff like the bed, the rug, or the curtain is sometimes quite tricky. While it looks beautiful and lively for many reasons, it can also make the room stuffy and cramped. So,...

Easy Home Decor and Accessories You Should Try

Boho chic styled room with teal and green cushions
Home decor and accessories are available a lot out there. You just need to choose the ones that match your home design and taste. When it comes to decorating your house, you have to believe and rely on your creativity. But if you find it hard, you can try these easy ideas of home decorations and accessories. Lamps Besides for lighting,...


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