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Basketball Themed Bedroom: Most Applied Decorative Theme

Basketball Themed Bedroom: Most Applied Decorative Theme-3
There are so many kids’ room designs that fill with a nice basketball themed bedroom. Well, basketball themed bedroom is one of the most applied bedroom style for kids, especially for boys. With this kind of application level, basketball themed bedroom furniture set is now become one of the largest sold furniture set in the market. It makes so...

Diminished House by Wahana Architects | Playful Open Space House Design Providing Breath Free Rooms

Inspiring Double Height Vertical Garden Installed On Wall As Vital Point Inside Diminished House Backyard Near Pool
Plenty materials collaboration makes this open space house design deriving a fresh looking urban residence. Located in South Jakarta, Indonesia. The concept of Diminished House juxtaposes various elements to create harmony structure of modern architecture design.  Wahana Architects has completed this beautiful residence in 2011. Dark colors invade every space within the natural materials. The yard lets the green grass and plants...


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