SANTPERE47 / Stunning Contemporary Apartment as Interior Inspirations


Located in Barcelona, Spain – This contemporary apartment is great choice for you who adore contemporary design inspiration. SANTPERE47 was redesigned by Miel Arquitectos in 2007-2008.. Not only the interior design which looks great, has it also had stylish and versatile furniture that help you get an adorable living place. This place is great for you who love this design. Read this following article to see more reviews about this awesome place.

This apartment has neutral color as the main color. It has bright wooden floor which is combined with white wall and white ceiling with the golden arch pattern. It creates luxurious style of this house. You can find cozy small living place in the corner of the room. It has black cozy couch which is blend with black pillow chairs and small wooden coffee table. Staircase which connects to the second floor is added at the side of the living room. This stair is also versatile. The side of the staircase has a function as a book shelf. Look how unique and versatile this design. It can be the best choice for your contemporary apartment furniture.

Large SANTPERE47 Home Unitary Room Interior Furnished Near Dark Grey Sofa Along Near Ottoman As Well As Dresser

Incredible Under Staircase Storage Plan Displaying SANTPERE47 Home Library Near Open Bookcase

Eye Catching Clear Painted SANTPERE47 Home Interior Featured Near Staircase Bookcase Along Near Loft

Bright SANTPERE47 House Unitary Room Interior Designed Near Patterned Ceiling Enhanced Aside Pendants

Artistic Engraved Detail Attached Over Ceiling Of SANTPERE47 Home Near Expossed Beams As Component

The dining space is available across the living room. It has white tulip table which are surrounded with bright wooden chairs. Behind this dining space, you can discover awesome kitchen space. This kitchen has white kitchen cabinet which is adhere to the white wall. In front of it you can find white kitchen island with the chic design. This space also looks marvelous with the unique pendant lights. These lights have balloon design and look so unique for your kitchen space.

The bedroom of this apartment also has simple yet catchy design. It has black wall which is blend with white bed in the center of the room. White modern floor lamp is added in the corner of the room. Imagine how cozy this bedroom for your sleeping time.

Adorable Clear Themed SANTPERE47 Home Curved Kitchen Maximized Only Near Base Cabinetry

Adorable Clear Themed SANTPERE47 Home Curved Kitchen

Large SANTPERE47 Home Unitary Room Interior

Neutral Grey Along Near Clear Painted SANTPERE47 Home Master Bedroom Illuminated Aside Toadstool Lamp

Fresh Grey Along Near Clear Painted SANTPERE47 Home Bedroom As Well As Master Bathroom Theme Near Pendants

SANTPERE47 Master Bathroom Theme Near Pendants

Long Narrowed SANTPERE47 Home Indoor Entryway Plan Displaying Glass Balustrade Along Near Metallic Ladder

SANTPERE47 - Metallic Ladder

Space Saving SANTPERE47 Home Interior Storage Plan Designed Near Open Shelving For Fashion Under Stairs

SANTPERE47 Home Interior

Incredible Under Staircase Plan Displaying SANTPERE47 Interior

SANTPERE47 - Indoor Planter Decoration with Wooden Flooring

Cool SANTPERE47 Home Section Floor Plan Plan Showing Loft For Seating Along Near Open Space For Relaxing

Perfect SANTPERE47 Home Interior Floor Plan Involving Living Dining Along Near Cooking Room As Well As Bedroom

Awesome SANTPERE47 House Interior Floor Plan Set Inside Colorful Concept Involving Hanging Pendants

Colorful SANTPERE47 Home 3D Floor Plan Plan Colored Inside Pink Orange Along Near Blue To Display Complete Rooms

Clear View Of SANTPERE47 Residence Interior Floor Plan Plan Displaying Green Roof Along Near Red Staircase

Photography by: ASIER RUA & NURIA VILA