Ideas of Rustic Bathroom Tile Designs

It must be nice to have rustic bathroom tile designs so the same atmosphere like in a log cabin will be gotten. Many homeowners love rustic bathroom design because it brings relaxing atmosphere like in mountain hideaways or bathrooms in spa center. To create the rustic look into your bathroom, you should consider some elements that so much bring the atmosphere. One of the most important elements is the tile designs.

Choose Textured Tiles

Textured tiles are great option to create rustic look into your bathroom. The natural finished slate tiles, travertine tiles or tumbled marble and textured porcelain or ceramic tiles are good options to bring rustic look. You can combine two or three different colors on the same tile types. Otherwise, install the same bathroom tile designs for the walls and floors. The textured tiles installation in many parts of the bathroom will effectively create the rustic look.

Beautiful White Textured Bathroom Tiles
Beautiful White Textured Bathroom Tiles. Image Source : housetohome
Bathroom Stone Tile Ideas
Bathroom Stone Tile Ideas. Image Source : bhg

Accent Bathroom Tiles

Besides the textured tiles, you can add some accent tiles to bring more rustic look into the bathroom. The accent tiles will give more interests, colors, and more textures. The accent tiles that can be chosen are such as hand-cut tiles, gorged brass tiles, handmade ceramics, and textured glass tiles. Colorful pattern and matte finish are perfect option of accent tiles.

Install the accent bathroom tile designs as the walls’ borders around the lining height; it will be great to break the room. If it belongs to small bathroom with lower ceilings, install tiles in darker color under the border and choose lighter color for the upper border tiles. Meanwhile, choose the same color for the entire bathroom if you have quite spacious bathroom.

Perfect Accent Bathroom Floor Tiles
Perfect Accent Bathroom Floor Tiles. Image Source : Interiorsonline
Accent Bathroom Wall Tile Design
Accent Bathroom Wall Tile Design. Image Source : Mydomaine
Master Bathroom Blush-colored Tile
Master Bathroom Blush-colored Tile. Image Source : Mydomaine
Regrout and Reseal Bathroom Tiles Design
Regrout and Reseal Bathroom Tiles Design. Image Source : Oak Furnitureland

Natural Colored Tiles

The rustic look in your bathroom can be gotten by choosing tiles that are designed for nature inspirations. The colors of natural stones commonly become inspirations to make such tiles, including gold, terra cotta, rocky black, hunter green, etc. Some homeowners that have large bathroom also commonly choose mural tiles with the pictures of nature such as pine trees, pine cones, acorns, etc. If you also get interesting with the natural designed tiles, make sure that you finish the tiles in matte color. Besides, make the colors is suitable with the other parts of the bathroom.

More rustic look in the bathroom can also be gotten from the naturally finished wood bathroom furnishings such as the vanity or cabinets. Some natural stones can also be combined to the bathroom tile designs so you can get a perfect rustic design.

Bathroom with Natural Tile and Beautiful Plants
Bathroom with Natural Tile and Beautiful Plants. Image Source : Oak Furnitureland
Natural Bathroom Tile Ideas
Natural Bathroom Tile Ideas. Image Source : Miss Moss
Contemporary Master Bathroom with Rain Shower Tile Design
Contemporary Master Bathroom with Rain Shower Tile Design. Image Source : Zillow