Queenscliff Residence / Beautiful House with Unique Wooden Wall


For the first time you see this house with wood floor colors, you will certainly feel strange. The house was built right on top of a gorge and the sea is so beautiful with the walls made of wood so detailed. Located in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia, this house is dominated by rich wood for having a warm atmosphere. This house is designed by John Wardle Architects (Project Year: 2010) with the best experience.

Outside Of Queenscliff Residence To Complete Natural Lalsoscape Idea

Exterior of this cliff house plans is so characterized by wood floor colors with oak cabinets and the pieces of wood that surround the house. Meanwhile, the walls are also coated the wood with a striking color. In addition to wood, this house also uses transparent glass to get a natural beauty around every corner. Entering the house, we try to have this beauty is in the interior of this house. Let us we find what else’s that we can get from the house. We are sure that so many inspirations that we can find for getting the best atmosphere from this house.

Table Also Benches Surrounded Aside Balustrade To See Lower Floor

Space Near Timber Plank Table Also Benches Placed On Deck Floor

Everything is neat. The interior is dominated by wood being part of a beautiful and fun. The house is so neat and organized with a modern concept and blended to natural elements resulting comfortable atmosphere. The interior of the living room is also an interesting thing. A unique chairs and tables accompany the room. It will make you can stay at house because it is very comfort and beautiful.

Coming into the kitchen, the kitchen is designed so luxurious. Wooden cupboard with distinctive colors make the room more interesting. Meanwhile, ceramic table and some other kitchen appliances also have been adjusting the existing impression of luxury. Moreover with bedroom and all the equipment which are designed perfectly for having the best living space? Everything of this cliff house plans designs with modern wood floor colors is in order to make the house so comfortable to be occupied.

Constructed Inside Open Floor Plan Concept Near Glass Balustrade

Upper Floor Part Of Queenscliff Residence Involving Large Scale Of Wood

Sea Seen From Queenscliff Residence Kitchen Also Dining Space Through Glass Wall

Queenscliff Residence -Beautiful House with Unique Wooden Wall

Staircase Space Near Wooden Floor As Complement

Wood Plank Flooring Also Ceiling Idea

Wood Plank Divider To Separate It From Hall

Surrounding Queenscliff Residence Building Near Sharp Detail On Top

Residence Building Featured Near Large Entryway Also Lalsoscape

Building Like A Farm Shed Near Timber Abundance Attached On Wall

Photographs Trevor Mein