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G House by Fleming + Hernandez Architects | Small Open Patio for Modern Architecture Application in Small Residence

G House by Fleming + Hernandez Architects
A modern architecture was applied in a modern house with a small open patio by Fleming + Hernandez Architects. Located in Gladesville NSW, Australia, this project was named as the G House. It has only a small space to live, dominated with grey exterior combined with lots of opened parts. A simple yard is added, and they made a...

Interesting Contemporary Patio Furniture

Contemporary patio furniture ideas with wooden floor
Contemporary patio furniture is needed when you have a patio outside your house. Patio is just not something usual but it is extraordinary. So, be grateful if your house is completed by one. Patio can be used for many things including star gazing at night, doing yoga, relaxing, meeting a guest, and many more. That is why a patio needs...

Modern Furniture Ideas for Your Patio

Modern outdoor patio furniture
Modern patio furniture is available on various designs and styles. There are some outdoor spots that need furniture products. For example, we will need some products for your backyard area. Usually, it will be used for your barbeque party. That’s why you will need some for accompanying your quality time with families. Talking about modern furniture for your patio, actually there...


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