Outdoor Planters for Garden Ideas in Outdoor Living Space


With the warm and sunny spring coming, it is never been a better time for you to do the garden makeover with outdoor planters. Right after the snowy and cold winter days, your used-to-be green garden certainly needs an urgent act to revive its beauty, which will bring back the beauty of your garden once again. You can do this easily by replacing the dried plants, renewing the pots, xeriscaping the land, and more.

First, we can start from the basic. Xeriscaping the land would be one of the great garden makeover ideas with outdoor planters’ pots to add the eye-catchy texture for your soon-to-be fresh green garden. To make the xeriscaped ground looks more interesting, the special greeneries resist to the drought. You can also add more pebbles to add new cover for the ground, resulting more natural impression for your garden ground.

Bring a brand new look to your garden by replacing your old pots. You will never know how different your garden looks like only by removing the old pots and using the new ones with more stunning and eye-catchy design. The one who will be seeing the brand new look is not only you, but also your plants.

If buying the new pots would cost too much for you, you can try to repainting the pot. Bring in a brand new look by using the bright colored paint, such as light blue. Right after renewing the old pots, do not forget to freshen up the green plants, as they are the vital part in any garden.

Remove the dried plants with the fresh, green ones to make your spring garden looks more refreshing. For the perennials, you can give them a new look by cutting the dried leaves, such as this beautiful trumpet vine cascading down the trellis added to your garden. Not only bringing in the refreshing feeling for this makeover that can be one of back outdoor planters’ ideas, this trumpet vine will give you a chance to see the first blooms.

White Colored Pots Outdoor Planter
White Colored Pots Outdoor Planter. Via William Dangar & Associates
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Great Outdoot Planter Decoration. Via lisa mccleery
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Smart Chic Outdoor Grabel Pot. Via HGTV