Namly House by CHANG Architects


The cascading concrete construction can be applied in some various home styles. Here, we get the modern home design in concrete construction that is applied in the Namly House. The house is located in Namly Place, Singapore. Completed in 2012 by Chicago-based architectural firm CHANG Architects.

The choice of cascading concrete construction architecture is applied in concrete styles and it is resembled to the unique water cascading features. The design will collect the rainwater and get serve as the natural cooling mean. The house is located in urban area with many buildings around. It is built as two-story house in compact design. At the porch, we will enter to the opened volume building with no furniture. Yeah, it functions to resemble the porch design with ceiling in concrete constructions at all. This house is also surrounded by long lawn with some trees.

Namly House Decoration Among Concrete Wall as Home Inspiration

Wall Also Green Landscaping Decor as Home Inspiration To Your House

Wall Decoration Finished under Modern Decorations as Inspiration

The construction of the interior design is rather different with the exterior design. It is stylized in hard wood floor with white plaid wall design. As in the living room at the second floor, here are the soft white sofas that are applied with polka dots pillows. At other side, there is the opened view with the spacious area in high ceiling design. As in social room, there is a set of the white single stool table with some brown rattan chairs. It is applied near from the white closet and some racks. At the room, there is also applied the mini garden with small trees and stones.

Deck Flooring under Modern Style Finished Among Minimalist Furniture Decorations

Living Room Among Modern Grey Sofa Furnitures

Wooden Flooring Also Minimalist Decorations as Inspiration

Bathroom Vanity Furniture under Modern Decorations

Small Space Among Indoor Concept

Ceiling Also Staircase under Contemporary Decorations

Traditional Decor Made From Wooden Material as Home Inspiration

Pergola Decoration under Small Modern Homes


Photography by : Albert Lim K.S.