Monasterios House / Fabulous Ultra-Modern Home with Ivory Color


Monasteries House is an ultra-modern home that was designed by Antonio Altarriba Comes. This house project was finished in 2012 and located in Los Monasterios, Valencia, Spain. If you are an urban people and love to live in beauty place, then you should see this house. The house has perfect view because it is located near to the sea and mountain. You will see a beautiful concrete house in ivory white color. This home shows you a modern front face and stunning interior design.

There is no word that can describe the beauty side of the house until you see it directly. Now, you are invited to see the interior side of the house. It has ultra-modern home design that you never think before. If you see modern exterior design, then it will continue to the interior side. One of the most prominent views inside the house is the stair design. It has stylish modern stairs with frameless glass covers and wooden counter staircase.

Amazing Monasterios Residence Involved Large Green Turfs Surround House Near Coconut Tree Along Near Green Plants Fence

Adorable Marble Striped Constructed Ceiling Inside Monasterios Residence Beautified Near Wooden Glass Windows On Wall

Fascinating Monasterios Residence Beautified Near Marble Striped Wall Along Near Stone Tiled Floor Beside It Inside Clear Light Cream Painting

The designer made the best appearance of the house by putting wide glass windows around the house. It is such a great idea to make the house looks charming. Go back to the rear side of the house and you will see a luxurious modern swimming pool with blue illuminated lighting at the bottom of the pool. Go inside once more and you will see the dining area that is located under the stair. It has minimalist dining area with black dining table and chairs.

Inspiring Dark Lighting Lamp Inside Monasterios Residence Involved Blue Swimming Pool Inside Backyard Along Near Dark Wall

Cool Square Shaped Swimming Pool Inside Monasterios Residence Installed Near Gold Striped Floor Around Pool

Incredible Blue Swimming Pool Inside Backyard Of Monasterios Residence Beautified Near Christmast Trees Inside Front Of House

Captivating Empty Space Inside Monasterios Residence Involved Wooden Ladder Near Glass Railing Installed On Wooden Floor

Nice Wooden Constructed Ladder Installed Near Glass Railing Beautified Near Decorative Pendant Lamp Beside It Inside Monasterios Residence

Stylish Wooden Glass Windows Installed On Wall Monasterios Residence Beautified Near Glass Railing Inside House

Interesting Empty Terrace Inside Second Floor Of Monasterios Residence Beautified Near Marble Tiled Floor Along Near Marble Striped Wall

Mesmerizing Monasterios Residence Looked From Front Yard Involved Stone Patterned Fence Complete Near Dark Gold Iron On It

Beautiful Views At Night Seen From House Of Monasterios Residence Complete Near Clear Light Dark Blue Ocean Skies


Photography by : Diego Opazo