Modern Private Apartment with Highly Versatile Design by mode:lina architekci

The Aviator Apartment is a highly modern private apartment that situated in Poznan, Poland. This miraculous apartment design is created by mode:lina architekci and completed in 2013. The constriction has incredible modern vertical living space is able to keep up with the fast design development that has been occurred in past year. It means that this beautiful apartment design is equipped with highly versatile design. The beauty and the quality of the design become the main attraction of this wonderful private living space and make it become something that deserves to become an example for any other private space creation in advance.

The space of this highly modern private apartment design is dominated by three main colors and three of them only, black, white and brown. Each of the color comes out from certain item. The brown color is coming from the high quality plywood that use in this wonderful modern private apartment. The white color comes out from the walling design and become the base color of the whole room. The last one, the black color comes out from the furniture selection that use in this awesome apartment design.

Living Room With Black Sofas-Pillows and Black LCD

Living Room With Black Sofa Also Brown Colored Floor Which Is Made From Wooden Veneer

Black Sofas and White Chairs Also Brown Colored Floor Which Is Made From Wooden Veneer

Black Sofas and White Chairs

Interior Design With Wooden Flooring

White Wall White Door

The interior setting of this perfect modern private apartment design also plays in important role to make this living space become something special. The smart setting makes this apartment become more spacious. The setting is also the one that make this apartment able to have sufficient gap between the spaces. So, when you are inside this apartment, not like any other apartment, you will easy to move from one room to another.

The design character of this gorgeous modern private apartment can also be seen in the walling design that most of the wall parts are cut into a certain gap and use it as the substitution of cabinetry and table. Astonishing modern private apartment design by mode:lina architekci is something that worth so many credits from all of us, indeed.

Bedroom Decoration With Unique Pillows And White Cabinets Also Brown Floor Which Is Made From Wooden Veneer

Home Office Design With Soft Chair and Black Table Also Windows Which Are Made From Glass Panels

Home Office With White Soft Chair And Black Table

Bathroom With White Washtafel Silver Faucet Also White Closet Which Is Made From Marble

Cabinets Closet Also Grey Floor Made From Ceramics

Wall Door Also Brown Floor Which Is Made From Wooden Veneer

Cabinets Which Are Made From Wooden Material Also Silver Refrigerator

Kitchen Design With Modern Stoves and Brown Cabinets Also WIndows From Glass Panels


Photography by: Marcin Ratajczak