Modern Bathroom Shower Designs

Open Walk In Bathroom Shower Design

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Are you dreaming of a spa-like space for your bathroom shower design? A shower as a part of interior in bathroom designs has various trends that can create sensation of taking a bath in a five star hotel. To create a luxury bathroom shower you don’t always need wide spaces since you can make your small spaces to look bigger with some touch of precise design. If you’re looking for the right design, we recommend you to apply modern glass shower design and open walk in design.

Glass Bathroom Shower Ideas

Recently, the most popular style for shower bathroom is the modern one that includes contemporary style in it. For modern design, you can try glass shower design ideas that can remodel your bathroom into an exclusive one. This design requires you to have a plan first, such as structural of glass, compact shower enclosures, glass partitions, glass shower screens and and also colors selection. You have to consider the function of shower as well, such as manual hot-cold water control or automatic control temperature of water based on your own preference. Shower bathroom fixture also has to blend with other interior and wall decorating, for example choosing bright colors and avoid contrast colors for the bathroom interior. This glass design will give an effect to make your bathroom look spacious.

Open Walk In Bathroom Shower Design

Open walk in shower is one of the luxurious options for your shower bathroom design. You can choose a bathroom without a door so that you can simply walk in to have shower. However, you can still add beatiful touch to this design such as using shower enclosures with small glass partitions or screens. You can leave out shower curtain for this design. This will expose your freedom and enhance pleasant feels. For the shower head, you can choose rain-style or any modern shower head that could fit with the bathroom fixture. If you don’t mind to have a simple door-less bathroom, you can try this bathroom shower design.

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