Lombardo by Philip Architekten / Amazing Private House in Vernate


Beautiful house Lombardo designed by Philip Architekten (project year: 2011) is really amazing private home. It is located in Vernate, Switzerland with special layout and decoration for the interior.

Beautiful architecture with its white wallpaper makes the modern house design looks so elegant as well as the multi head shower ideas. The high consideration about the selected furniture, the color, lighting and the accessories of this house becomes something important to create the elegant. For addition, the architecture of the building is not only about the amazing texture but we can find beautiful exterior by looking at the swimming pool, which is connected with the house on the second storey.

Beautiful View Placed Beside House Near Some Planters

Philipp Architekten - Haus Lombardo

Moreover, to give the spacious impression for the room, and for the decoration of interior, this house use the glass wall to make the room looks so wide. It becomes the tips if we want to design our house to become larger. In other hand, beautiful kitchen and beautiful dining table are designed perfectly by wooden materials. For the chairs, it is made from the metallic in cream color.

Elegant room is created in every our steps, looks so perfect. Nature elements are dominated by wooden cabinet and wooden cupboard. It looks so nice. Walking deep inside in other room, we find beautiful bedroom with soft fabric. White blanket and white pillows on the brown fabric of the bed are good collaboration. Moreover, for the lighting and bright room makes this room felt so warm and enjoyable. Glass wall which is right in front shows beautiful lake with the blue water. This modern house design concept which applies multi colored shower head is so special.

Philipp Architekten - Haus Lombardo

View Also Connected Directly To Balcony Near Glass Door

Solid Timber Dining Table Also Leather Chairs Design

Solid Timber Dining Table Also Leaf Chalsoelier To Light Them Up

Floor To Ceiling Glass Window Allow Sunlight Entering Room Make Color Looks Sharp

Philipp Architekten - Haus Lombardo

Philipp Architekten - Haus Lombardo

White Kitchen Islalso Also Metal Sink Use Curved Faucet

Modern Cooktop Also Double Kitchen Sink Also A Faucet

Queen Size Bed Also Wooden Floor Also Dark TV Stalso At Corner

Philipp Architekten - Haus Lombardo

Wooden Vanity Also Clear Bowl Sink Near Single Hole Faucet

Philipp Architekten - Haus Lombardo

Glass Tile Backsplash Also Sophisticated Headshower Ideas

Philipp Architekten - Haus Lombardo

Cactus Plant On Long Porch Near Exposed Stone Wall

View Of Valley Illuminated Aside Underwater Lamp That Make So Nice

Photographs: Udo Geisler