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Magnificent Fireplace Mantel Ideas for Living Room Design

Rustic wood fireplace mantel with antlers
Fireplace Mantel Ideas becomes so varied nowadays. Designed in contemporary living room, the rustic fireplace makes the interior becomes so eclectic. Whether the interior is painted in white color and the interior decoration is so rustic, the living room is totally magnificent. White interior wall perfectly contrasts the rustic fireplace mantel that is made from rustic stone.  In addition, chesterfield...

Astonishing Antique Fireplaces of Living Room for Classic House

Vintage and Luxury Stone Fireplace
Designed for classic house, Antique Fireplaces is the best fireplace design for living room. Along with vintage furnishings in the living room, the fireplace makes the interior design so eclectic. In addition, interior wall that is painted in peach color is so suitable to primary color of interior furniture of classic living room. However, if you apply vintage furniture that...

House Boone Murray / Comfortable House Remodel With Amazing Living Room Carpet

Living Room Furnitures Such As Sofas Also Cabinet Near Storge Among Ful Color Carpet
The appearance of the country house remodel with living room carpet is a dream for many people. There are many country homes in the world. One of the country homes which are loved by many people is the project of the Tribe Studio Architects (2012) located in Sydney, Australia. It created a project with the title House Boone Murray. It...

Red Sofas Creating a Modern Impression of Living Room

White Living Room Interior Design With Modern Red Sofa
Red color of sofa actually will be able to look more stunning as a design of living room in order to look more modern such design of red sofas that are combined with other modern furniture set to create a perfect design of living room that has modern impression. Related to this case, designs of other furniture applied in...

Brown Sofas Completing Design of Living Room with Wooden Floor

Living Room Design Brown Sofa Also Modern Coffee Table Ideas
Design of living room that uses wooden floor material will look more exotic and natural by applying design of brown sofas as furniture set for the living room design. There are many designs of brown sofa designs that will be able to be used to complete design of natural living room using wooden floor design. A suitable color design...

Blue Sofas Applied in a Living Room with Library

Copenhagen Apartment with Cheerful Touches of Blue Sofa
Living room design of modern house often uses design of library to complete design of the living room in order to look more useful such to apply blue sofas that are combined with design of blue book shelf that is also applied in the living room. Actually it will create a design of living room that looks so interested...

Big Sofas Applied Perfectly to Design Modern Living Room

Big Sofas Furniture Design under Grey Color Completed Among Cushions under Modern Living Room Interior Decoration
Sofa design is one of important furniture that must be applied to design living room such design of big sofas that is usually used to design living room in order to look more elegant and to be more functional. There are many styles and designs had by big size of sofa. Besides variation of style and design, big size...


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