Common Specification and Kinds of Leather Desk Chair Designs You Should Know


One of the elegant types of desk chair designs is leather desk chair designs. This leather desk chair designs offer you a beautiful and elegant looks with a minimalist design that is wrapped with genuine leather and high quality level of dryness for the wood materials that makes it suitable to be placed in your office. Not only it can give a luxury impression but also it gives high comfort for anyone who sits on it. This leather desk chair is commonly being placed for receiving guests or your work colleagues for a meeting. Here are some of the specifications and common kinds of of leather desk chair designs:

  1. The wood material is made from mahogany or teak

Commonly, the most requested materials for leather desk chair is made from teak or mahogany.

  1. Bark brown melamine for finishing color

Many people mostly request the finishing color of leather desk chair designs is with bark brown melamine. This will give a shiny and luxury looks for the leather desk chair.

Swan swivel chair, 1958. Leather, bronze. Manufactured by Fritz Hansen, Denmark
Vintage Drexel Leather Desk Chair Design
Amazing Leather Desk Chair Design

There are 3 common kinds of leathers that can be options for leather desk chair designs

  1. A genuine leather with elastic foam

Not only the looks that gives a high class impression but also the function of it also has high standard. Most of the best leather desk chair designs use genuine leather with elastic foam. This elastic foam makes the leather desk chair not easily get deflated.

  1. Suede leather

The appearance of this suede leather looks similar to the genuine ones. This suede materials also give you comfort when you sit on it. However, one of the weaknesses of choosing suede materials is it easily gets dirty.

  1. Microfiber

Microfiber is a synthetic that looks like suede. If you do not have high budget, this microfiber can be your good option for your leather desk chair.

Beautiful Painted Leather Office Chair Design
Rachel George White and Gold Vegan Leather Chair Design
Overgaard & Dyrman - Wire Dining Chair in burned steel finish and British racing green leather
Arne Vodder; Teak and Leather 'Ella' Side Chairs for Vamo, 1962
Arne Jacobsen; Leather Desk Chair Design - ‘The Ox’ lounge chair, circa 1966
Soft leather desk chair in a small, bright office space