Jarson Residence / Modern Home Design by Will Bruder Architects


Some people want to build amazing house, wooden house with wash tub idea can be a solution. Wooden material gives natural sense in modern home design. It is smart choice for using wooden material to build modern home in the nature. The modern home can be builds in the natural environment. The modern house is built in the natural environment for many reasons. The tranquility place and far from the crowded urban area is the main reason for constructing the house in the natural environment. Beautiful scenery is useful for relaxing the mind. The beautiful natural panorama inspires studio Will Bruder Architects. Completed in 2007, they build this amazing home called Jarson Residence in the Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA.

The main attraction is main aspect that is given by this amazing home. Large windows and wall is applied for enjoying the beautiful panorama. The panorama in the Paradise Valley is not waste by the designer. The panorama is one of the strength of the home. The owner can enjoy the panorama from the inside with many facilities. The interior design with wash tub sink is designed by beautiful wooden home decor. Wooden materials are used in many part of the home. It is dominating in the exterior design, wooden floor, wooden wall, and wooden furniture.

Jarson Residence - Nice Lighting Surrounded By Desert Stone Environment

Tub At Outside Home Among Stone Also Gravels With Raised Porch

Modern Outdoor Chairs Also Some Natural Stones

From the outside the home has bold shape. The slope roof makes the unique sense of the home design. Large windows in the facade of the home break the monotony of the wooden color. The window make the elegance interior design can be look from the outside. Moreover when the night comes, the light looks shine from the windows of the home. Like from the outside, the interior design still has with wooden materials dominating. The architect likes to use the wooden material for designing the home. The wooden give the warmth and elegance to the home design.

The beautiful panorama in natural environment pull the people for designing a fantastic home design in this place. The combination of beautiful panorama, tranquility place, and comfortable home are good reasons for choosing the amazing dwelling place. The wooden home decor ideas which has wash tub bath are smart choice for decorating the modern home.

Outdoor Spa Tub Among Patio Decorated with Outdoor Chairs

Living Room with High Ceiling Applied Large Glass Panel Also Decor Among Circular Table

Cabinet Also White Granite Countertop And Metal Kitchen Table

Dining Table Among Upholstered Chairs Also Pendant Lamp

Cooktop At Home Kitchen Lightend Naturally From Sun

Bathroom with Cabinet Also White Countertop Among Glass Backsplash

Staircase Also Metal Stair Rod Lightend By Ceiling Lamp

Some Lush Bush Beautify House From Outside

Exterior Area with Cactus Also Stone Surrounded Pool And Patio At Backyard

Wall Also Glass Window As Kitchen Backsplashs

Entry Door Connected Indoor Also Outdoor House

Surrounded By Dried Bush Near Rocky Hill Environment


Photography by: Bill Timmerman