House 60 | Marvelous Tropical House by De La Carrera – Cavanzo Arquitectura

House 60, also known as Díaz House designed by De La Carrera – Cavanzo Arquitectura and completed in 2012. This tropical house is suitable for you who love modern design. The combination of tropical theme and modern touch give a new concept of living place. This house is perfect for you who want enjoy tropical atmosphere in your modern residence. Want to know more about this house? Check it out this whole article to find interesting facts about this exotic house.

This house has rectangular shape which is strengthen the modern design of this residence. The exterior design is dominated with white color and wooden decoration. It has large wooden shutters doors which can make your house as indoor or outdoor living space. You can find awesome large swimming pool in the back yard of the house. Wooden terrace is available in the side of the pool. This is a perfect place to held barbeque party or tea time in the afternoon. Look how awesome these tropical house plans for your permanent residence! It can refresh your mind all the time and bring relaxing pleasure for you.

House 60 by De La Carrera - Cavanzo Arquitectura - Swimming Pool with Outdoor Sitting Area with Wooden Flooring

Large House 60 Inground Swimming Pool Plan Near No Liner To Show Large Deck Along Near Hardscape For Sun Bathing

Smart Lift Up Wooden Door Operating System Set As House 60 Interior Along Near Exterior Transition To Enjoy Pool View

This home has many living rooms that can afford a lot of guest when the party is started. In the corner of the room is set simple living space which has grey rattan sofas which are blend with white mattress. Behind this living space you can find another living room. It has simple white sofa which is combined with white chairs and coffee table. Look how stylish this area! The other living space is situated in the side of the kitchen space.

The kitchen space also has fancy design. It is situated in the corner of the room and faces to the window. It has stunning wooden shutters windows that face to the swimming pool. You can discover black glossy kitchen cabinet which is here to the wall. Behind the kitchen cabinet is set white glossy kitchen island. It also has three fancy pendant lights which look fancy for your kitchen space. How do you think about this house? Let’s add these modern tropical house plans as your future house!

Shady View Of House 60 Seating Room Interior That Connected Near Swimming Pool When Shuttered Wall Closed

Fabulous Spinning Concept Installed To Operate House 60 Shuttered Wall To Connect Home Seating Space Near Pool

Neat Setting Of House 60 L Shaped Kitchen Plan Furnished Near Base Cabinet Along Near Island Illuminated Aside Spinning Windows

Inviting House 60 Inground Swimming Pool Plan Seen From Mysterious Room Near Gridded Wall As Ventilation

Tiny House 60 Courtyard Space Maximized Near Gridded Wooden Ceiling To Cover Hard Flooring Along Near Green Turfs

Eye Catching House 60 Front Yard Landscaping Plan Displaying Gridded Wall On Left Along Near Fresh Turfs Inside Brown As Well As Green

House 60 by De La Carrera - Cavanzo Arquitectura - Exterior Design

House 60 by De La Carrera - Cavanzo Arquitectura - Exterior Design 2

House 60 by De La Carrera - Cavanzo Arquitectura -Outdoor Sitting Area

Photography by : Luis Alberto Mariño, Juan Sebastián Rocha


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