House With 2 Countryard by Pitsou Kedem Architects


The modern home design with flat roof design is usual this time. Beside gives the simple view, the maintenance and treatments are not too difficult. With the creativity of designers and architects, the minimalist roof design can be very unique and different with other houses. Maybe the Israel residence is also looks the same; it is totally simple from the roof till the body of the buildings. But the architects can made it wonderful and cozy for the owners.

The all in white building concept is very chic and very prominent amongst the trees. Large front yard which is decorated with green grasses is very neat and well cut. Beside it, the long and slim swimming pool is created. This cube house is also exposed its interior with glass walls it applied. Pitsou Kedem is mixed the flat roof design with stark building and minimalist painting theme. He also made the invisible cover which is hidden. The white cover can be shut up and down.

White Colored Outer Wall Made From Concrete

Vast Green Grass Garden Along With Wide Black Pool

Several High Glass Windows Wall

White Colored Upways Cover

White Colored Concrete Building Frame

The clear and roomy nuance inside this Israel building is very suitable to do many activities. On the luminous living space theme, the black carpet looks very bold under the white sectional sofa. Side by side with it, the modern kitchen is also equipped with white kitchen furniture.

White Colored Kitchen Island

House Between 2 Gardens by Pitsou Kedem Architects - Interior Dining Area with Beauiful Chandelier

Grey Colored Floor Made From Concrete

House Between 2 Gardens by Pitsou Kedem Architects - Interior Decoration

Bark Clear Colored Comfy Sofa Along With Dark Carpet

Living Area with Dark Grey Colored Floor Carpet and White Sectional Sofa

The modern staircase design with white treads is installed on the solid white wall. It is used to reach the second floor which is designed for bathroom and free space. The bowl shaped sinks are completed with short neck faucets that are mounted on the wall. Above it, the large makeup mirrors are attached and it is very complete. The contemporary house plans with flat roof design look very suitable with minimalist decorating and furnishing.

White Colored Floating Staircase

White Colored Floating Staircase 2

White Colored Wooden Door Along With Clear Curtains

Black Colored Stone Wastafel Along With Mirror Panels

Architecture Barak Long Pool Filled Near Blue Water

Green Garden Filled Near Green Grass

House Between 2 Gardens by Pitsou Kedem Architects - Exterior 2

House Between 2 Gardens by Pitsou Kedem Architects - Exterior 3

House Between 2 Gardens by Pitsou Kedem Architects - Exterior

Several Pendant Lamps Which Have Clear Lighting

Transparent Glass Wall Along With Bright Clear Lighting Inside

Photography by : Amit Geron