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Maylands Additions | Fancy Modern House Style by Jonathan Lake Architects

Maylands Additions by Jonathan Lake Architects - Wooden Board On Side Wall Also Wide Glass Bay Windows On Front Entrance
The beautiful and modern house design with wall veneer panels can be looked at Maylands Additions which is designed by Jonathan Lake Architects. This beautiful house is situated in Maylands, Western Australia, Australia. The size of this house looks spacious. The shape of this house is square shape design. This house is available with the large garden which is...

Glebe Residence | Modern Contemporary Residence by Batay-Csorba Architects

White Coloring Theme Combined Near Dark Board Added With Wide Glass Windows On Outside Wall
Renovating the contemporary residence with the glass windows installation should creative in order to the residence become wonderful of amazing. The Glebe residence which is located in Ottawa, ON, Canada looks wonderful. The project of this house is designed by Betay- Csorba Architects. This house is built in three storey house design. The design of this house looks simple...

Northbridge House II | Contemporary Home Design by Roth Architects

Northbridge House II by Roth Architects
The architectures in Sidney, Roth Architects have created a comfortable home design called Northbridge House II which is designed with a fashionable exterior model. Located in Northbridge NSW, Australia. The wooden deck with swimming pool is fresh and unites each other. The wooden entry staircase is also added behind the pool. The two story house building is attractive with its glass material....

Clifton Hill House by Nic Owen Architects | Terrace Area Design for Appealing Home Decorating Style

Clifton Hill House by Nic Owen Architects - Shaped Used Glass Wallfor Home Inspiration
Some of the designers created the unique home decorating style with terrace area design which is mixed the different styles. First time, it will be hard and maybe odd, but almost of the different combinations are successes and look good. Maybe we should see the same thing on the modern residence in Clifton Hill VIC, Australia beside. It is...

House L by Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten | Inspiring Contemporary Architecture Design

House L by Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten
House L - The contemporary architecture design which is situated in Oosterhout, Netherlands is very captivating with the LED garden lamps for exterior area. It is built in a rustic area, so it has semi traditional and modern look. Although it is rather minimalist, the fresh environments are adding the friendly nuance for it. The triangle shaped roofs are...

House With 2 Countryard by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Several High Glass Windows Wall
The modern home design with flat roof design is usual this time. Beside gives the simple view, the maintenance and treatments are not too difficult. With the creativity of designers and architects, the minimalist roof design can be very unique and different with other houses. Maybe the Israel residence is also looks the same; it is totally simple from...

Balcony House by A-cero | Marvelous Modern Family House

Balcony House by A-Cero - Vast Garden Which Is Filled Near Green Grass Along With Several Green Plants
The modern family house with wonderful garden design ideas this time is not only created with simple and ordinary designs. The Balcony House is a very contemporary residence which is suitable for large families. From the exterior concept, we can say the model is futuristic and amazing. Every house has its identical style and some of them are built with...


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