Hickory Kitchen Cabinets and Tips to Take Care of It


If the type of your kitchen cabinet is hickory kitchen cabinets, then you must take care of it carefully. Beside is because it is made of wood, cleaning hickory cabinet has some particular steps to follow. This is useful to make your kitchen cabinet durable and stay clean. In addition, this is significant to keep your kitchen clean so it stays healthy. Let’s find the tips how to clean this kitchen cabinet.

Contemporary Kitchen Decoration With Hickory Cabinets
Contemporary Kitchen Decoration With Hickory Cabinets (Source)

1. Get Rid of Dust

Dust is everywhere at home including in the kitchen. Hence, you should clean the dust from the hickory kitchen cabinets frequently. This is pretty important because dust can cause allergenic to you and your family. Further, the dust can be cleaned with the lint-free cloth which is soft and smooth. To make it perfectly clean, you are able to dampen the cloth with water. Besides, you could spray it with dust remover.

Hickory Cabinets With Built-Up Crown Molding
Hickory Cabinets With Built-Up Crown Molding (Source)

2. Clean Up The Spills

Then, the hickory kitchen cabinets should be cleaned from the spills, too. By cleaning up the splatters, spills and water spots, your hickory kitchen cabinet design will stay beautiful longer. In order to clean it, you can function for the mild soap and clean cloth. Wipe it gently to avoid the scratch on the cabinets. Or, you can wash it with recommended mild soap, too. After that, dry the cabinet roughly so it won’t be moldy.

3. Using The Right Tools

To make your hickory cabinets for kitchen stay awesome, I have some additional tips for you. First, do not use scouring pads, powdered cleaners or abrasive cleaners because it can penetrate the finishing of cabinets and deterioration. Then, don’t leave the wet cloths near cabinets or on the cabinets because it may cause spills to your cabinets. This is important to know the details of your cabinets. If you wish to know more about how to take care of hickory kitchen cabinets, I allow you to open the picture gallery of this post.

Natural Hickory Kitchen Cabinets
Natural Hickory Kitchen Cabinets (Source)