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House v02: Contemporary All-White Interior Home With Wooden Bookcase

Home Maximized Among Inset Bookcase Greenery Also Bright Ventilation Idea
Designed in collaboration of Julio Villa Cortell and Viraje Arquitectura, this contemporary home with wooden bookcase in Valencia, Spain will stun you with its perception of being simple and minimalist. Entitled as House V02, this contemporary living space showcases the use of bright and clean white color extensively both for interior and exterior. Naturally bright and airy, the interior...

Residential Quarter Fountain Boulevard / Amazing Residence Design in Sophisticated Interior

Shelving Furniture under Modern Decorations
It becomes the beautiful experience when we can stay in amazing residence from the famous designer. It looks elegant and sophisticated interior. The residence is designed by Yakusha Design located in Kiev, Ukraine. This house is really amazing with neutral color palette. This is an amazing house which is designing for having great experience with challenging of reveal an interior house. Collaborating brown and...

Zhukovka XXI Residence / Posh Private Home With Modern Furniture

Grey Wall Also Glass Windows
Contemporary luxurious concept in modern furniture is shown by the design of this Zhukovka XXI Residence located in Moscow, Russia. This opulent home is designed by UNK Project in 2011. Using modernistic concept, this house looks alluring and sophisticated. Its beauty can be seen from the details of the modernistic design. Meanwhile, the sophisticated can be seen from the arrangement concept. Glass and concrete are...

Minimalisy Apartment with Modern Furniture in Stockholm, Sweden.

Steps Also Railing Supported Among Decorative Lamps
Scandinavian style seems the concept applied in this modern furniture. Luxurious look is the main principle emphasized in this interior. Taking a look at the interior arrangement, it can be spotted that there is not furniture and element in this interior is ordinary. The living room is furnished with the stylish black chair in modern design. Steel makes the design of...

Throw Pillow Pattern Selection to Enhance Interior

Beautiful Throw Pillow Pattern Ideas
Home and decorating style are inseparable. No matter what, every living space requires a specific style or theme to cover the decoration. This decorating style is essential since it can beautify the home itself. Lately, there are so many methods to make a house beautiful and cozy for living. One of those methods uses throw pillow pattern as a...

Purple Sofas as a New Innovation of Modern Furniture

Amazing Modern Geometric Purple Sofa
Design of sofa that is made by using purple color design will be able to create a modern impression of interior furniture which purple sofas are categorized into new innovation of modern furniture that can be applied perfectly in a house interior design. White color and purple color are two colors that can be combined perfectly, elegantly, and beautifully...

Yellow Sofas Modified Beautifully by Using Various Sofa Motif

Masculine Decor with A Yellow Pop Sofa
Design of sofa will be able to be more beautiful by applying design of floral motif such applied in a design of yellow sofas that look so beautiful because of yellow and red flower motif had. Design of yellow sofa is so suitable to be used to design a room of a house interior that has bright and fresh...


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