Examples of Coastal Living Furnture


Coastal living furniture must be sought by anyone who loves coastal theme. Coastal theme emphasizes on the beach paradise including its colors and elements. That is why coastal theme often used sandy color and ocean blue color as the main color and elements such as surfing board, shell, ocean creature miniatures, beach paintings, and so on as the decoration elements. As for the furniture, below are severalcoastal living furniture that you can use.

  1. Cottage Coastal Style Sofa Set

Sofa set is literally the main furniture in your living room and if your living room is using coastal theme, cottage coastal style sofa set can be your option. The sofa is really grand looking with soft blue color all over it. The comfortable design with fluffy upholstery can be a great looking focal point for your living room. The soft blue color of the sofa set represents the ocean and the beach very well. You can place it in the middle of your living room near the fireplace with the beach painting on the wall. Sofa set is usually consisting of two large sofa chairs and one table. There will be a smaller chair as well. This can be a such grand furniture for your living room.

White cottage living room sofa
Beach cottage Coastal sofa
Vintage cottage coastal sofa design for living room
  1. Surfing Board Floating Shelf

Floating shelf can be very useful in every room. It can be a nice storage for your stuff and can also display many things such as photo frames or small statue. Coastal theme is heavily related to the beach and thus surfing can be the part of coastal theme as well. Use an old surfing board of yours and use it as a floating shelf. You can place the floating shelf everywhere in your house and it can be such amazingcoastal living furniture. It represents the theme very well.

Surfing Board Floating Shelf
Coastal living furniture ideas