Espace Le Moyne / Great Mix-style Private Residence Design

Anne Sophie Goneau has finished a nice mix-style private residence design in Old Montréal, Quebec, Canada. This stunning living space design is called the Espace Le Moyne and it is something that will make people who sees it feels amaze with its beauty. This incredible contemporary architectural design is a 1600 square meter modern home with an outstanding space setting and architectural design. This lovely home design seems has all the possible style that can mix together into a house. It looks modern, yet it looks rustic and in the same time, it looks luxurious also. In short, the beauty of this amazing home is indescribable.

Just like what we have talked about earlier, this great mix-style private residence design has more than one design character. The first thing that we will discuss is the minimalism. Nevertheless, this house is a part of modern housing design, which is become the reason why there is string modern design character that you will able to find in some of the house parts. Furthermore, it seems that the designer love to add something unique in the space, which become the reason why there is a giant rustic wooden pillar that become the manifestation of rustic design that blended in this home creation.

Dining Room Design Among Black Table White Chairs

Dining Room With Black Table And White Chairs Also Brown Floor Which Is Made From Wooden Material

Dining Area With Black Table And White Chairs

Black Stairs White Chairs Black Table Also Brown Floor

Elegant design is also one of the design styles that we can find in this perfect mix-style private residence design. The elegant accent is manifested in the rack of wine bottle near the front door. As we all know that wine has become one of the symbols of social establishment since nineteenth century and that is the reason why the designer select wine as the symbol of elegant for this astonishing mix-style living space designs.

Chair Black Stairs Glass Handle Also White Floor

White Bookshelves Which Is Made From Wooden Material Also Black Stairs

Wall Also Ceiling Which Is Made From Concrete Brown Wooden Pillar

Interor With Cabinets And Black Carpet Also Door Which Is Made From Glass Panels

Wall Floor Which Is Made From Ceramics Also Bright Lighting

Wall Black Glass Door Floor Which Is Made From Ceramics

Bathtub Which Is Made From Marble Also Black Glass Door

Bathroom Made From Silver Metal Material Also Silver Faucet

Floor Which Is Made From Wooden Veneer

Beverage Shelves Walls Which Is Made From Concrete Also Fireplace

Kitchen With White Cabinets Also Wooden Floor

Kitchen Island With Brown Wooden Pillar Also Wooden Floor

Silver Colored Faucets Silver Colored Washbasin

Those are some of the styles that involves in the design of the gorgeous contemporary private residence design in Quebec, Canada. Great mix-style private residence design by Anne Sophie Goneau is something that will accommodate whatever your tastes are.


Photos courtesy of Anne Sophie Goneau