DLW House by Westphal + Kosciuk / Tricky Contemporary House in Steep Terrain

Building a contemporary house in a very steep terrain would be very tricky. Nonetheless, the Westphal + Kosciuk Arquitetura nailed the challenge well. They managed to build a beautiful modern house which is located on the slope. The room arrangement is suited to the challenging terrain, creating various different elevation inside the house’s architecture. DLW House is located in the Florianopolis – Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Thanks to the steep slope, the architects manage to presents the residents with three floor building plans. The very first floor is the one which is located next to the road side. Obviously, this part of the contemporary house design is utilized as the car garage. This space manages to take up to three four wheel vehicles inside the house. The second story is utilized as the center of activities room, meanwhile the highest level of the house accommodates the private rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and office.

Remarkable Small Entryway At DLW Residence Near Metal Door Beside Garage Decor With A Planter Also With Stone Pathways On Green Lawn

Beautiful Exterior Design Of Contemporary DLW Residence Stand On Sloping Site Near Large Garage Door Under Suspended Terrace

Since the house is located in the upper hill, the residents are spoiled with the city view from afar. Therefore, the house provides semi outdoor space so that the residents could have a better view of the city. The patio is located on the second floor, next to the living room. It is equipped with the marble floor, two outdoor chairs and a small end table. from this part of the house, the residents can enjoy the sunset in the city view.

Fancy Contemporary Red Chair Along With Wooden Side Table At Small Terrace On DLW Residence Near Stunning View Of Night City Skyline

Appealing Contemporary Dining Space Design At DLW Residence Near Solid Timber Dining Table Along With Black Floral Armchair Also Dome Pendant Lamp

The architects try to give unlimited sight towards the outdoors, therefore, they placed windows in every facade of the living room. Each window pane is equipped with blinds so that the residents are free to adjust the amount of natural light at the day time. The house’s interior employs light furniture with various color and wooden panel in order to improve the spaciousness of the house. this contemporary house design plans also place frosted windows in the bathroom.

Chic Hallway Design Inside DLW Residence Near Suspended Staircase With Bars Balustarde Along With Wooden Steps As Well As Rises Nearby Door

Contemporary Bedroom Design At DLW Residence Near Kindg Size Bed Along With Solid Timber Headboard As Well As Clear Pillows

Fabulous Hallway Design Plan At DLW Residence Use Wooden Floor Along With Clear Rotating Door Add Near Darkwood Floating Storage

Sophisticated Kitchen Design Inside DLW Residence Near Granite Countertop Along With Clear Cabinet Door Also Large Glass Windows

Awesome Kitchen Design Inside DLW Residence Bright Lighting From Outside Due To Large Glass Door Near Granite Table

Astonishing Powder Room Design Inside DLW Residence Near Square Glass Window Overlooking Sea Applied Clear Vanity

Brilliant Contemporary Powder Room Design At DLW Residence Near Exclusive Black Glass Tile Backdrop Along With Long Frameless Wall Mirror

Modern DLW Residence Design View From Outside Near SMall Glass Window Decor With Planter Covered Aside Granite Liner

Marvelous DLW Residence Design Exterior Near Raised Gardening Plan Under Floating Terrace With Green Lawn Along With Vegetations

Exciting Details Exterior Of DLW Residence Near Grey Painted Wall Large Garage Door Along With Large Glass Sliding Door As Well As Window

Wonderful View From Side DLW Residence Shown Suspended Architceture Design Clearly Near Small Number Of Windows

Stunning Exterior View Of DLW Residence Shown Red Accent Building On Top Also Near Terrace Along With Some Glass Window

Striking Details Of Courtyard At DLW Residence Near Green Lawn Along With Exposed Stone Wall As Well As Fence Also Outdoor Staircase

Lovely View At Night On DLW Residence Applied Clear Pinted Wall Along With Small Glass Window Illuminate From Inside Lighting

Charming DLW Residence Outside View At Night Near Bright Neon Lighting Indoor Along With Outdoor Plus Clear Wall That Make It Brighter

Amazing View From Outside Of Contemporary DLW Residence Shown Suspendede Terrace Near Bright Interior Lighting At Night

Photography by : André Moecke