Foursquare’s Soho HQ / Creative Contemporary Office Concept with Modern Wallpaper


This wonderful contemporary office with modern wallpaper we will take you to see today is one of the most famous social media sites: Foursquare. Located in New York, US, this Foursquare’s Soho HQ spectacularly mixes varying elements and styles to maximize the creative soul throughout this office building. Designed by Audra Canfield from Designer Fluff, this office building design is absolutely one of the coolest ever.

Mainly, this contemporary headquarter building employs the simple and clean white paint color for its interior with some modern wallpaper texture, as seen on this work station. This white work station looks really spectacular in its industrial look accented by charming texture of wooden stain especially for its flooring. However, the airy and spacious feeling of the all-white interior to this contemporary office design is emphasized by its open cubicle as well. Fresh green plants are added to make the work station feels refreshing white its green splash certainly will help curing the tired eyes.

White Ceiling Also Grey Carpet On The Bottom from It

Meeting Space Also Some Fluffy Sofas

We all know how Foursquare is really famous for its uniquely designed badges whenever you have successfully achieved certain predetermined goals. Foursquare also has many cute logos for each kind of place and location available for you to check in. You can find those cute and adorable badges and logos throughout this Foursquare’s office building, providing unique and distinctive wall decoration. You can also find this cool recreation room where its black accent wall is decorated by hand-drawn chalk drawing, showing off Foursquare’s milestone up until this recent year.

Look at this cozy space that looks really stunning. Employing the adorable yet cozy seating both in classic style with leather cover, and a contemporary one with the mix of metal and wood element, this space also showcases the meet of two elements for its wall space. Subtle floating wall shelf is added to provide more surfaces to store the books, which will become an instant wall decor to this space as well. A lovely simple note is written on the wall, saying, and ‘Check in here!’ undoubtedly, this contemporary office design concept which applies modern wallpaper room will make you stun and say, ‘Oh, this is so foursquare!’

Grey Sofas Also Some Dark Lounge Chairs

Counter Also Floor On The Bottom from White Ceiling

Irregular White Table Also Some Wooden Chairs

Sofas Also Dark Wall Near Wooden Floor

Chairs Also Dark Wall Near Long Wooden Shelves

Table Also Black Chairs On The Bottom from Bright Lamp

Counter Also Rounded Stools Near It

Red Shelf Also Brown Sofa Near Brown Chair

Table Also White Chairs On The Bottom from White Lamps

Sofa Also Purple Sofa On The Bottom from White Chandelier

Wall Among Some Clear Mirror Also White Sinks Near It


Photos courtesy of Designer Fluff