Boxenbaum Residence | Modern Residence in Beverly Hills by Ehrlich Architects


What do you expect from a modern residence with outdoor lighting for comfortable living? You must think about how the building performed. Exterior design should be potential to attract everyone passing it, while home interior should not make you bored and annoyed. There must be excellent in every single side. Well, all your need is available in Boxenbaum Residence that located in Beverly Hills, California. Emphasized on its interior design, Ehrlic Architects has created plush living coming in.

The appearance of this modern residence architecture is very graceful because of the outdoor lighting ideas. Look at its exterior; the flat roofed with pointed nook stands out the characteristic. It is accented by vertical expansion from the stoned wall that separated the building into two parts. Meanwhile, beautiful garden adds the impression of chic and elegant. Coming in this place, wide terrace will greet you with white themed furniture. The designers set the wide window to cover the guest room. It allows the outside in.

Green Lawn Also Rare from Vegetations

Boxenbaum Residence Among Some Outdoor Lamps View By Night

The outdoor view directs us to enjoy luxurious design inside the house. This residence has more than one living room. It enables you to choose which one is more comfortable for gathering; just adjusted to your need. The living room at the front side is equipped by fireplace. It is very appropriate for night use. The area is bold by darker color by the grey stone wall and wooden floor. Contemporary painting also beautifies the wall. On the contrary, the living room at behind has brighter look helped by white floor and fur rug. Only black sofas accent the room. This installation is being more artistic with the special room for art gallery.

Chairs Also Furniture under Home Among White Rug

Circular Glass Coffee Table Also Chrome Arco Lamp Above It

Abstract Painting Behing Round Glass Coffee Table

Hardwood Floorings Decor Among Some Paintings

Eames Chair Also Mounted Wall TV Near Corner

Furthermore, this residence combines metal as well as marble for its interior. You can take a look the stairs with metal balustrade. It is accompanied by well-furnished wood for the handle. To make glamorous effect, marble steps are gorgeous collaborated to wooden materials. Such design also happens in the kitchen in which metal cabinetries become the main part in this zone. Meanwhile, the countertop of Kitchen Island and dining table utilize marble. These modern house architecture styles with cool interior and outdoor lighting ideas for backyard may inspire you of having such luxury.

Metal Balustarde Also Wooden Handle Near Second Floor

Corner Among Wood Steps Also Metal Balustrade

Dining Room At Home Applied White Marble Top Table

Concrete Floor Also Decorated Outdoor Dining Area

Marble Top Outdoor Table Also Glass Floral Vase

Darkwood Floor Also Applied Concrete Fireplace Near Corner

Marble Tile Floor Also Decor Among Some Wood Stools

Pond At Home Decorated Among Two Standing Stones

Green Lawn Also Concrete Pathway under That Connected House

Unorganized Garden Appearing Some Green Vegetations

Photography by: Juergen Nogai