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Unique Home Designs Around The World

Teahouse Tetsu (Yamanashi, Japan) - Unique Home Design
Unique home designs that will be discussed this time can be one of your inspirations when building a house. Each the family would want a house to gather with family. In addition, the house also can protect us from the fierce weather. In addition to a nice home, we also need to maintain the unity and harmony of the family....

Small Apartment Furniture Ideas for your Small Apartment Bedroom and Living Room

Balance of Power Small Apartment Furniture Ideas
Finding small apartment furniture ideas will be completely helpful for any homeowner who has such a limited space home. Choosing furniture for a home is not a hard thing but it is also not that easy. That can be something tricky and also something challenging for anyone who want to decorate and design the home. That is especially for the homeowners...

Tips on Choosing Drapes Curtains Ideas for Living Room

Curtain decorating ideas for living room
Drapes curtains ideas for living room also come in various materials. Draperies will help you a lot to block the sun, it is heavier than curtains. Draper is not only functional, but it also can be stylish. This will be great to strengthen the character and personality of a house. Draper will also create a higher room. Changing draper is...

Tips to Choose Curtains for Living Room Window

Fabulous small curtain for living room window 3
Curtains for living room window come in various materials. Each material will give different ambience for your living room, since it has different characteristics. Silk, for instance, will give you a shiny look, that may be great to place for classic living room window, while patterned and cotton curtains may be great for modern living room window. Well, before choosing...

Tips to Choose Modern Rugs for Living Room

Modern and colorful rug design for modern living room
Modern rugs for living room come in various textures, patterns, and also colors. The size and shape are also various. What is brought by modern style is mostly simplicity, or something that have many lines, patterns, or colors. Well, it is based on your preference, what kind of modern you will bring into your room. There are some tips we...

Tips to Place Large Rugs for Living Room

Colorful large living room rug design
Large rugs for living room come in various shapes. You can find heart shape, kidney shape, rectangle, oval, or round and these have different application for room. If you want to use rug for rooms you have, it will determine the placing of the furniture and where the furniture will be placed. The size of rugs has to be balanced...

Tips in Choosing Living Room Furniture Set

Navasota living room furnture set design
Living room furniture set is the most important element to be placed. It is not only the kind of the furniture but also the style that the furniture brings to you. Living room is the first place for we entertain our guest, and of course it is the place for the family to gather. The furniture and the ambience, then,...


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