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Split House / Sliding Glass Doors with Delightful Design for Efficient Home Entrance

Split House Near Clear Wall Also Wide Glass Walls Inside Roadside
In some real estate with sliding glass doors usually split house created because it was the elongated building from the first building. This house in Jakarta has the same concept but it has unique difference and it is not visible and the divider between two buildings. TWS & Partners has designed it in Indonesia and this house look different...

Tigh Port Na Long / Modern Architecture with Delightful Design

Home Near Wooden Wall Also Wide Glass Walls
This is very surprising that seaside in Scotland has a modern residence with shower hose installation which is built close to the sea. Natural area outside is very original and healthy with high land hill area around. Of course this unspoiled place looked alike is has no neighbor to stay together in an open and wide area. This land...

Lakehouse Residence / Contemporary Home with Wonderful Exterior Design

Long Blue Pool Also Granite Floor Near Wooden Wall
Lakehouse Residence - Located in Winter Haven-United States, This spacious house is supported with wide courtyard outside which is planted with green grasses. This whole building is standing in high plane and it looks like a stage. Max Strang Architecture has designed this wonderful creation and full decorated in bright white color. This house has summer sensation and modern design of...

Balmoral House 1 / Wood Fence Panels for Stylish House Exterior Design

House Near Wooden Shutters Also Wide Glass Walls Near Grass Yard
Modern and fantastic designs of wood fence panels are squeezing the Balmoral House  1 which has simple flat and box shaped building. Modern look and quiet environment can be seen from this neighborhood. This house is located in medium level environment, it means that this house is a modern real estate but not really crowded. The homeowner can owned...

Mentana Residence / Exclusive Exterior for Modern Residence

Three Floor Concept Near Orange Theme Covering Wall
Mentana Residence was finished by MU Architecture shows how smart the architect to create the exclusive exterior by collaborating the walls. The house is located in Montreal, Canada. The house is a private residence for the owner who wants to get the comfortable living space by the nature elements in modern design. Neat pattern of building with glass handrail stairs,...

Folding Table and Chairs for Elegant Interior Design with Modern Touch

Folding Table and Chairs for Elegant Interior Design with Modern Touch
For your dining table, there are several ideas that can be applied in your dining room, including the folding table and chairs. The existence of the folding design will be able to save more space in your dining room interior design. Therefore, it is a very good idea to have such idea and apply it in the small dining room...

Gardening Equipment in Contemporary Garage Storage Systems

Best Plan Equipped Near Contemporary Plan Unit Hanging Racks
It is very well known that with garage storage systems allow you to be able to arrange your garage better especially for the gardening equipment. It is a place that not only holds for your car but also for your other vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles and even your kayak or model planes, if you have one. Not only keeping all...


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