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Ottawa River House by Christopher Simmonds Architect

Ottawa River House by Christopher Simmonds Architect
This article presents the open view house that can be stylized as better home inspirations. Now, we can find out the astonishing house style that is situated with interior volume design. In this case, the house we start to review is the Ottawa River house project. It was a modern house designed by Christopher Simmonds Architect in 2012. The first...

House in Mexico Reflected in Contemporary Volumetric Building

Captivating Lev House As A Contemporary Home Applying Catilevered Part Of Building Near Some Wooden Along With Glass Paneling Applied
In this article, we will provide a new idea of how to get the volumetric house in Mexico. This kind of house is a contemporary home design that features stunning building style. precisely, we will find out this house in Puebla, Mexico and it will be popular with the name of House Lev. Metarquitectura has designed this house as...

Farihaven Residence: Dream Square Resort Designed Minimalist in Australia

Fairhaven Residence by John Wardle Architects
Talking about Farihaven Residence, John Wardle Architects will say that this Dream Square Resort is the best resort on earth. With minimalist design for both exterior and interior design, the resort really has the most enchanting decoration. In addition, the glass panel that is used for both floors make the resort has the perfect view nook. The black color that...

Modern Family Home by Dennis Gibbens Architects: Minimalist Mansion in Rural Area of California

Architectural Garden Design Near A Patio Of A Lovely Clear House Near Alluring Plants Arranged Well
The Decorating Minimalist Mansion is indeed so perfect for residence in rural area, especially when the location is surrounded with subtropical trees. As The Residential Project that is proposed by Dennis Gibbens Architects, the exterior design of the house is so delightful. In addition, the exterior wall is painted in white color so that it really looks so delightful....

Cabane 217 by The Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes: Rural Cabin Plan with Modern Decoration

Sensational Cabin Covered Aside Snow Building Look Near Lights On Showing Modernity Along With Glamor With Luxurious Rooms Seen
The Cabane 217 is really well-known as the most astonishing residence with Rural Cabin Plan for the main design. In addition, the modern decoration is applied so that the exterior design really looks so lavish for the cabin. The glass balustrade that is installed on the aluminum frame really looks so lavish for the house. With adequate lamp installation,...

Roprachtice House: Rural House Plans with Restoration Style

Good Picturesque House Applying Attractive Wooden Exterior Near Natural Surroundings Including Grassy Field With Some Trees As Well
If you are looking for a Rural House Plans that is designed in restoration style, Roprachtice House is the perfect example for home solution. Designed by PRODESI, wooden material is applied as main material for the house restoration. In addition, since the house is located in rural area, the green lawn perfectly surrounds the main building of the house. With...

Promenade Residence: Duplex Resort with Minimalist Design for Exterior

Awesome Building Facade Of Aside Evening1 Residence Displaying a Grassy Spot Decorated Near Architectural Plants With Outdoor Lights
The Promenade Residence that is designed in Duplex Resort really has the most enchanting exterior since it is designed in minimalist style. With outdoor pool designed with outdoor patio, the exterior design really looks so magnificent. In addition, the resort is built in floor plan installation so that the glass panel is perfectly installed for main wall veneer. The granite...


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