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House 780 by Stephenson ISA Studio | Modern White Home Style with Green Building Landscape

White Colored Outer Wall Made From Concrete Along With Silver Outer Blind Windows
The House 780 is a modern white home with green building landscape that is brilliantly designed by Stephenson ISA Studio. Located in Manchester, England, United Kingdom this modern home wonderfully features the bright and clean white paint color both for its exterior and interior designs. We really love how this simple touch can provide a truly impressive look as this...

308 Mulberry House by Robert M. Gurney Architect | Modern Wooden House Ideas

308 Mulberry by Robert M. Gurney Architect
A modern house design with the small garden house was created by Robert M. Gurney Architect in a wooden house in Lewes, DE, United States is called as the 308 Mulberry House. This is actually a rebuild house from an early twentieth century building. No wonder if the building looks a little classic in the architectural. However, the designer...

Containerlove by LHVH Architekten | Patterned Accent Wall for Simple Container Home Interior Setting

Containerlove by LHVH Architekten - Dark Grey Colored Outer Wall Along With Comfy Brown Wooden Terrace Floor
This is a review article about a container home design with patterned accent wall. This was created by the LHVH Architekten in Kall, Eifel, Germany. The building is simply shaped in letter L, colored in dark grey on the exterior walls. Called as the Containerlove, this was completed with modern theme all over around. If you need an inspiration...

Sunny Side House | Wallflower Architecture + Design Smooth Contemporary House Design Concept by

Grey Colored Floor Which Is Made From Concrete Material
In this article, we will talk about a very nice contemporary house design with wooden shutter windows that were created in Serangoon, Singapore. The creator who was named Wallflower Architecture + Design called this project as the Sunny Side House. Contemporary air goes everywhere. Geometric shape of the building is combined with lots of transparent windows application. Modern city...

Haus Am See by Spado Architects | Glass Windows Architecture for Modern Austrian Lakeside House

Haus Am See by Spado Architects - Exterior
Modern Austrian lakeside house with glass windows architecture is named as Haus Am See. Spado Architects creates it brilliantly. In Carinthia, Austria, and your dream house is ready providing you nice environment to get you relaxed. However, the house is still designed modernly. In other words, the design and the environment are matched beautifully with their different characteristics. Bright but...

Tennyson Point Residence by CplusC Architectural Workshop | Incredible Two Level House Concept

Tennyson Point Residence by CplusC Architectural Workshop - View from Tennyson Road
This luxury two level house called Tennyson Point Residence which is completed with a blue swimming pool is located in Tennyson Point NSW, Australia with the energy efficient ability. Designed by  CplusC Architectural Workshop, this house has the view of the beautiful harbor site. The shape of the house itself is simple from the front look. Wood is one...

Valacco Cordova House by Juan Carlos Sabbagh | Modern Family House Designs

White Colored Building Frame Which Is Made From Concrete Along With Glass Handrail
Juan Carlos Sabbagh has amazingly shaped modern family house designs with quality rattan chairs for this enchanting duplex residence which is named Valacco Cordova House. Located in Cachagua, Zapallar, Valparaíso Region, Chile, this dwelling stands vigorously with its modern concrete structure. Overhangs concept, modern flat roof and of course a beautiful glass fences become the main attraction of exterior...

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