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Indoor Swimming Pool for Smart Home in Modern Dwelling

White Concrete Wall Also Big Garden Filled Near Green Grass Also Tall Trees
Some people who want to make home renovation need to reconstruct the main house building with indoor swimming pool so it causes the extra budget expenses. The extension of cubic which is offered by Gras Arquitectos may give you the inspiration as well as solution to renovate your residence without reconstructing the previous main building. Kubik Extension which is...

Nhabeo House – Indoor Tree as Interior Décor Idea in Townhouse Design

White Lines Of Wall Made From Wooden Material
Living in a narrow lot of a town sometimes make people feel confuse to find a right townhouse design for applying to their residence with indoor tree. Construct on an intermediate space in Vietnam capital city, Hochiminh City, the Nhabeo House able to deceive the limitation of space by establishing a comfortable living space which take an open air...

The Polite House / Contemporary White Modern Residence

Shape Near Contemporary Architecture Near Some Window Also Clear Painted Wall
Looking for the experience to stay in the strange house with hanging fireplace, the modern living space in Trondheim, Norway becomes our reference to give you an experience. Designed by JVA (Project Year: 2012), The Polite House has unique building in white and the construction is unconventional for the front wall. Moreover, it makes the house looks different than...

Queenscliff Residence / Beautiful House with Unique Wooden Wall

Residence Building Featured Near Large Entryway Also Lalsoscape
For the first time you see this house with wood floor colors, you will certainly feel strange. The house was built right on top of a gorge and the sea is so beautiful with the walls made of wood so detailed. Located in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia, this house is dominated by rich wood for having a warm atmosphere. This...

Split House / Sliding Glass Doors with Delightful Design for Efficient Home Entrance

Split House Near Clear Wall Also Wide Glass Walls Inside Roadside
In some real estate with sliding glass doors usually split house created because it was the elongated building from the first building. This house in Jakarta has the same concept but it has unique difference and it is not visible and the divider between two buildings. TWS & Partners has designed it in Indonesia and this house look different...

Tigh Port Na Long / Modern Architecture with Delightful Design

Home Near Wooden Wall Also Wide Glass Walls
This is very surprising that seaside in Scotland has a modern residence with shower hose installation which is built close to the sea. Natural area outside is very original and healthy with high land hill area around. Of course this unspoiled place looked alike is has no neighbor to stay together in an open and wide area. This land...

Lakehouse Residence / Contemporary Home with Wonderful Exterior Design

Long Blue Pool Also Granite Floor Near Wooden Wall
Lakehouse Residence - Located in Winter Haven-United States, This spacious house is supported with wide courtyard outside which is planted with green grasses. This whole building is standing in high plane and it looks like a stage. Max Strang Architecture has designed this wonderful creation and full decorated in bright white color. This house has summer sensation and modern design of...


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