Apartamento Panamby by DT Estúdio Arquitetura / Modern Apartment Incorporating Colourful Interior Design

Using a 680 square feet area of a residential area in Sabot Paulo, Brazil, this modern apartment presents its beautiful interior for us. Its amazing interior design is created by the use of vibrant colours in its interior. This amazing apartment is designed by DT Studio Arquitetura in 2012 that utilizes the inundated light inside the apartment so show the beauty of the colourful furniture and interior decorations. Panay Apartment is the name of this colourful apartment project.

Colorful Details Inside Panamby Apartment Dt Estdio Arquitetura Sitting Space Near Wooden Bookshelves Along With Blue Wall

Here in the living room, a bright interior is generated by the ample windows. The brightness is exploited by the dazzling purple colour of an elongated sofa in this area. The sofa looks so striking out from the white floor an also white wall of the apartment. There is also another sofa with black colour that is adorned with a red throwing pillow that energizes the room. Those sofas clamp a yellow small bookcase that beautifully reflects the natural light from the windows behind it. Those are some example of how to utilize modern furniture as modern apartment decor in this modern apartment.

Stunning Panoramic City View Near Panamby Apartment Dt Estdio Arquitetura Living Room Near Grey Sofa

Appealing Grey Sofa Along With Long Sofa Inside Panamby Apartment Dt Estdio Arquitetura Sitting Space Near Concrete Ceiling

Cozy Living Room Inside Panamby Apartment Dt Estdio Arquitetura Near Wooden Bookshelves Along With Concrete Ceiling

Still in the same room with the living room, there is a corner of the room that has a light aquamarine colour backdrop colouring its wall. The backdrop provides a calamity for the one who study on its contemporary sleek desk. This desk is presented with a light grey colour that is beautifully combined with a wooden chair.

This apartment implements an open plan design that makes the bedroom area is located behind the purple sofa of the living area. The bedroom and the living room are separated by the presence of a curtain to provide some privacy. This resting area is furnished with a big white bed that is adorned with a retro sheet on it. There is also a white cupboard that is embellished with wooden clad on its side that makes it more attractive in its modern furniture design. The presence of a vintage wooden wardrobe is beautifully contrasted with the modern apartment decor ideas incorporated in this room.

Wide Wooden Bed Along With Clear Quilt Inside Panamby Apartment Dt Estdio Arquitetura Bedroom Near Concrete Ceiling

Unusual Details Inside Panamby Apartment Dt Estdio Arquitetura Bedroom Along With Bathroom Near Simple Dresser

Classic Wooden Closet Inside Panamby Apartment Dt Estdio Arquitetura Bedroom Near Clear Dresser Along With Wide Bed

Small Terrace Of Panamby Apartment Dt Estdio Arquitetura Near Wooden Shutters Along With Cozy Chair Near Glass Walls

Traditional Clear Tub Inside Panamby Apartment Dt Estdio Arquitetura Bathroom Near Red Lamp Along With Wide Glass Windows

Attractive Glass Shower Space Along With Clear Tub Inside Panamby Apartment Dt Estdio Arquitetura Bathroom Near Clear Ceiling

Photos by: Carol Ribeiro


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