Andri & Yiorgos Residence / Two-Story Modern Home with Modern Living Space Design


Vardastudio Architects and Designers have completed the construction of two-story modern home design called the Andri & Yiorgos Residence (2013). This lovely modern house design is located in the quite rural residential area of Chloraka, Cyprus. The design of this stunning modern living space design can become the clear identification of the style that use in this home design creation, minimalism. The material selection is dominated by concrete and steel, which mean that this nice contemporary living space is, indeed, modern housing design. The first floor and the second floor play their part and make this house able to present balance architectural design.

Andri & Yiorgos Residence - Two Floors Which Has Brown Made From Wooden Veneer

The first floor of this awesome two-story modern home design is the core of this house. This is the place where everything is situated. You can call it as the social space of the house. You can find social space like living room, dining room and kitchen in this space. In the first floor, there are two big windows that will able to give the person inside the house great visual access to the surrounding. Because of those two big windows, the first floor of this incredible living space can be considered as an open space setting.

Brown Wooden Floor Terrace Green Grass Garden Also Windows Made From Glass Panels

Room Among Brown Sofas Glass Table Also Grey Ceiling Which Is Made From Concrete

Andri & Yiorgos Residence - White Chair Grey Concrete Floor Also Windows Which Are Made From Glass Panels

Andri & Yiorgos Residence - Windows From Glass Panels With Black Borders Also Green Plants Garden

The second floor is more like the private space. This is the space where the bedroom design is situated. Although there is nothing that we can discuss in the second floor in the matter of space design, undoubtedly, the second floor of this house plays an important role in the home structure design. The second floor is the contradictory design of the first floor, which in that sense, the shell design of the second floor is very important.

Those details are the sign of the beauty of gorgeous two-story modern home design in Cyprus. Awesome two-story modern home design by Vardastudio Architects and Designers is something that can become a great example for any other residential home design creation.

Andri & Yiorgos Residence - Veneer Near Second Floor Also Glass Panels Windows

Andri & Yiorgos Residence - Wall Which Is Made From Concrete Blocks Also Green Plants Garden

Andri & Yiorgos Residence - Wall Which Is Made From Concrete Blocks Bright Lighting Also Green Plants Garden

Floors Which Has Brown Made From Wooden Veneer Near Second Floor


Photography by : Creative Photo Room