Altabrisa 24 House / Modern Residence with Amazing Interior Decoration


Looking for some ideas, as you are going to build a modern residence, there is so amazing design from Grupo Arquidecture in Yucatan Mexico is very interesting to be yours because of the decoration with stainless steel ceiling fan. Altabrisa 24 House a.k.a Casa Altabrisa 24, the house which is designed in contemporary house has beautiful outdoor swimming pool that is very good ideas for our togetherness with family.

Inground Swimming Pool Near Liners Also Grey Lounge

The house which is built on area of 7650 square foot is very interesting with elegant texture of the building. Concrete material with nature stones becomes stone walls looks very good with its glass wall. Moreover with the floor tile, it is very beautiful with the nature color such as old wood. Modern residence interior is very beautiful with stainless steel ceiling fan with lights completed the deck of the swimming pool. It is very good looking with the spacious swimming pool outdoor space.

Going to the building, we can find the beautiful stone walls which are perfect with its strong color. Outdoor living space for waiting room is really interesting place. It is placed in front of the swimming pool, with the fresh atmosphere. It is complete by some sofas and some chairs, while for the ornaments; beautiful painting completed the left wall. The floor is selected which is suitable with the strong character of this outdoor room. For the color of the room, the bright room and its warm lighting makes it more amazing.

Inground Swimming Pool Near Stone Pathway

Green Manicured Lawn Stone Cladding Covering Wall

Green Manicured Turfs Also Inground Pool

Altabrisa 24 House Modern Residence

Courtyard Involving Tiled Floor Also Hard Edging Covering Planter Near Greenery

Narrowed Swiming Pool Near Liners Also Completed Near Lounge

Area Near Stone Cladding Seen From Street Side

Street Side Displaying Bright Garage Through Gridded Gateway

Going inside of the room, sliding glass wall is very interesting which is connected with the outdoor space. The beautiful interior design appears in luxury furniture inside. Beautiful sofa in white colors and some chairs gives the simple but it looks so elegant. Beautiful chair with its curved object is very good. It looks so rustic and classic. When the night comes, you would see how beautiful the modern residence interior designs with stainless steel ceiling fan home depot and amazing lighting that make the house such as a palace.

Furniture Also Cream Tiled Floor Also Clear Ceiling

Living Also Dining Space Furnished Near Contemporary Products Also Wall Arts On Wall

Altabrisa 24 House Modern Residence with Amazing Interior Decoration

Comfy Living Also Dining Room Near Electric Fans

Involving Living Room Set Near Gridded Cantilever For Shady Look

Semi Outdoor Seating Space Near Brown Chairs Also Ivory Sofas As Furnishing

Cover Home Seating Space Center Wall Near Garden

Outdoor Seating Also Dining Space Furnished Near Dark Tables Also Chairs'

Photography : David Cervera Castro