5 Useful Tips for Creating Glass Shower Doors Design

Attractive Doorless Glass Shower Design

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In this modern day and age, having an elegant and clean design for your bathroom is becoming a primary need, one of the examples is glass shower doors design. The use of glass for shower doors keeps increasing from year to year, because glass can give a large space effect that makes an insulated space looks more spacious. However, the utilization of glass shower doors may become problem if you do not know how to place it properly. One of the problems that may arise is dew can be attached to the glass and make it looks not clear as it is as the first look. Thus, here are the 6 things you should pay attention to create glass shower doors design.

  1. Use tempered glass

This kind of glass is the safest because it has the best elasticity compare to other regular kind of glass. The use of tempered glass can lower the risk when the glass is broken. In case it is broken, the glass will break down into small granules which are relatively considered safe rather than other kind of glass granules.

  1. Determine the thickness and dimension

A glass with thickness around 8mm still considered as safe to be built in area of 2m2. . For bathroom, the space for the dimension with size of 1.2 m x 2 m can use glass with 10mm .

  1. Placing supportive accessories

You can maximize the wall or its corner as a store for your supporting accessories for your shower.

  1. Clean it up everyday

The remaining dew can still being attached in the bathroom and makes it looks blurry. Thus, it I important for you to clean the glass shower doors everyday.

  1. Shrinkage and expansion

You need to make sure that your glass shower doors are not being exposed too much hot water and cold water alternately. A significant exposed from cold to hot, vice versa, can make the glass gets broken easily.

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